“Buckwild” by Headkrack x Local Astronauts ft Method Man, Kool Keith, & Fly Deff

“BUCKWILD” is Headkrack’s latest single from his new project that is slated for a Fall 2023 release. “Buckwild” is an energetic, gritty and vibrant collaboration between Headkrack, the incomparable Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan, Kool Keith of the Ultramagnetic MCs and newcomer Fly Deff of NYC. Produced by Los Angeles production team Local Astronauts, this power anthem is a hybrid of what is considered “legendary” with what is “new” giving the listener opportunity to experience the euphoria of a classic car with the growl of a new engine. The ability to marry nostalgic tones with a new era of ambitious torque from Headkrack and Fly Deff allows “Buckwild” to symbolize the authenticity of Hip Hop as we knew it.

The introduction serves as a platform for banter between Meth and Headkrack revving up the listeners senses, which sets the stage for Headkrack’s verse exploding with witty yet insightful wordsmithing brilliantly evident; while ushering in the raw M.O.P.ish stream of belligerence over the hook delivered by Fly Deff, only to set up for the distinguishable tone of Method Man reminding the listener why his consistent flow, seamless delivery, and creative rhymes keeps him at the top of game finally, giving way to Kool Keith showcasing his abstract but masterful ability to precise storytelling.

Headkrack spits lines like “I’m the boss but I go deeper/keep a sleeper cell/ mc’s ain’t speaking well like they need a speak and spell”. While Meth follows up with “Y’all be playing with life like grow up/if you a G/like Sean P/ you see that’s when the price go up”…And this is Hip Hop…”Buckwild” challenges the listener to ask themselves, “What do you get Buckwild for?”