TF (Feelin The Power) Write Up

Written By : Garfield

South Central Rapper TF unlocks a new feature with Ab-Soul that creates a vibe in-between bloody gutters and Swaroski chandeliers.With a project which he felt was going to “Be ‘The One’ When I OnLy Had 1 Song Recorded” – Feelin the Power is a depiction of unfiltered, visceral alleyway rap stories. Many themes in this album carry weights delivered in hood chronicles and graphic punchlines. TF has a flow similar to his associate ScHoolboy Q if he didn’t make tracks like Collard Greens, Hands on the Wheel, and Studio.TF (short for Team Force) is best known for his involvement in Schoolboy Q’s “Blank Face LP” album. TF was responsible for helping create some of the visual representation with Schoolboy on that project, as well as contributing lyrics to “Tookie Knows II” – a tell-tale story of life in Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

His generation of Los Angeles rappers are currently shaping the South-lands underground rap scene, which either leans towards a Drakeo “flossing” type flow or a new blend of g-funk-inspired beats similar to those used to YG. TF’s storytelling gives true understanding to why his local street of Figueroa is referred to as the ‘Blade’ – only the strong survive.Visuals provided for the album single “Hidden Stages” featuring Ab-Soul portray the city in raw form. Barred windows, loc glasses and Cali sunshine radiate so heavily from this video that you can smell the backwood smoke through your lab top. The track itself is purely a looped sample produce by python p, something that is somewhat hard to pull off in todays rap (or at all). Soul and TF handle the track masterfully however, punching back and forth with 16s throughout the song. You can find TF on instagram @im.t.f. – his album “Feelin the Power” is available on Spotify now.