OhBoyPrince “Bounce When She Walk” Interview

OhBoyPrince originally know from “Gs Boyz” Hit song Stanky Leg in 2009 touched down in LA for Bet Awards Week. Celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop. In this interview we discussed the beginning. Grew up in Brooklyn NY, Moved to Texas with mom. Chose Music over continuing school. 2009 Hit song Stanly Leg Blew Up. Talked about ups and downs, learning how to evolve with the times of music from hard copies to streaming from ringtones to streaming numbers. Learning to become a overall Business man and to learn the music business. OHBoyPrince mentioned how starting using Tik Tok revived his career with the dance challenges be going crazy. Racking up over millions of plays and sound being used OhBoyPrince have another hit on his hand “Bounce when she walk” Viral as we speak. Lastly we had a deep conversation on Earthquakes vs Tornadoes being from LA and South.